Institutional information

The Port Authority of Seville began operations on 1 January 1993. It is the public body responsible for managing the state-run port of Seville and the Guadalquivir Euroway (E-60 02), and the 90 kilometres from the mouth of the river in the Atlantic Ocean. It belongs to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. It is governed by Legislative Royal Decree 2/2011, of 5 September, passing the Revised Text of the Law of State Ports and the Merchant Navy.

Competences of the Port Authority

The following competences are the responsibility of the Port Authority of Seville:

  1. The provision of general services and the management and control of port services to ensure that they operate in optimal conditions of effectiveness, economy, productivity and safety, without prejudice to the competition of other bodies.
  2. The planning for the port’s service area and other activities, in coordination with the official bodies responsible for territorial and urban planning.
  3. Planning, projects, construction, conservation and exploitation of the port works and services as well as its assigned maritime signals, as stated in the law.
  4. Management of the public areas of the port and maritime signals that it has been assigned.
  5. Optimization of the business operations and profitability of the heritage and resources it has been assigned.
  6. The promotion of industrial and commercial activities in connection with port and maritime traffic.
  7. The coordination of different transport operations within the space of the port.
  8. Planning and coordination of port traffic, by sea and by land.

Organizational information

The resolutions of authorization or recognition of compatibility that arise to the personnel of the Port Authority of Seville can be consulted through the following link of the Transparency Portal.

Economic information


The agreements signed by the Port Authority of Seville are entered in the national Electronic Register of Cooperation Organs and Instruments and published in the Transparency portal of the Spanish Government.

Annual accounts


Right of access

The right of access to public information is included in article 105 b) of the Spanish Constitution, where it is expressed as a non-fundamental right of legal status, due to its inclusion in Title IV of the Constitution (organic section dealing with the Government and Administration), instead of Title II (dogmatic section dealing with fundamental rights).

You can request information from the Port Authority of Seville through its electronic office.

Autoridad Portuaria de Sevilla
Avenida de Moliní, 6 41012 Sevilla (España)
T +34 954 24 73 00
F +34 954 24 73 43
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