The Port of Seville is meeting place where all kinds of activities related with the transport of goods, logistics, industry and the city can all come together. Our strengths lie in our unique status as an inland port, making us highly competitive when it comes to fully multi-modal logistics chains.

We are a strategic point for the European Union and have amply space available for logistics and industrial uses, with more than 850 hectares and excellent land and sea connections. We also have 6 port terminals and 3 public docks, with more than 4,000 metres of berthing space and 1 million square metres of storage space, with the first logistics hub in Andalusia, a free trade zone and a cruise terminal in the centre of the city.

In recent years, the Port Authority of Seville has worked to make the most of the advantages offered by bringing the sea into the heart of Andalusia’. We are doing this by implementing a strategy for modernizing the Port.

The Strategic Plan 2025 combines logistics, industry and port activities, includes new traffic such as biomass, project cargo and making Seville the logistics port for the Canary Islands and a leading port for agro-food and steel shipments. It also includes the establishment of an urban port district in which the city can reach out to the Tablada docks.

As regards industry, the strategy of the port of Seville is to promote the Astilleros Industrial Estate as a hub in which major companies can design and produce large metal structures.

We are also encouraging innovation with the start of a university centre to set in motion an innovation ecosystem and enable knowledge transfer. We are also applying new technology to our port management and ways in which we can optimize river traffic, and to design a smart system for the railways.

As regards logistics, we are a reference for last mile logistics and occupy a special place due to having the foremost multi-modal logistics platform in the south of Spain at the Batán docks.

Our whole approach to our work is framed by the Working with Nature model. Our location in an environment of great ecological importance means that we have to adopt initiatives to improve the estuary of the Guadalquivir.

The Port of Seville hopes to consolidate itself as a leading multi-modal port hub, the force behind the principal logistics and industrial cluster in the south and an enormous asset for Seville and its region. With this perspective, we are looking to the future with great hope to achieve our enormous potential and continue to grow in terms of logistics, industry, employment, innovation, technology, sustainability, etc. We want to be more competitive and efficient to offer greater support to the businesses of Andalusia.

Rafael Carmona Ruiz
Chairman of the Port Authority of Seville

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