Board of administration

Board of Administration

Director of the Port Authority of Seville.
Secretary of the Port Authority of Seville.


Chairman of the Port Authority of Seville.

Ex-officio Member:

Harbour Master.

Members assigned by the Government of Andalusia:

Dña. Concepción Gallardo Pinto, territorial delegate of Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy in Seville.
D. Ricardo Sánchez-Antúnez, delegate of the Government of Andalusia in Seville.
Managing Director of the Public Ports Agency of Andalusia.

Members proposed by business associations:

D. Francisco Herrero León, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville and Vice-chair of the APS.
D. Miguel Rus Palacios, Chairman of the Business Confederation of Seville.
D. Augusto Jannone D'Armando, for the Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia.

Members assigned by the National Government:

D. Eusebio Pérez Torres, Head State Solicitor in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla.
D. Alfonso González Barrios, From the Public State Ports Body. 
Dña. Isabel Mayo López, subdelegate of the Government in Seville.

Members appointed to represent the city of Seville:

D. José Luis Sanz, Mayor of Seville.

Member appointed to represent the town of Dos Hermanas.

D. Agustín Morón Marchena, Deputy mayor.

Members proposed by trade unions associations:

D. Enrique Julio Jiménez González, General Secretary of UGT Seville.
D. Carlos Aristu Ollero, General secretary of CCOO Seville.

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