17 September 2020

Environmental Award 2020

The Councillor for Agriculture, Farming, Fishing and Sustainable Development has awarded the Environmental Awards 2020 to people, companies and entities that have stood out in different areas over the part year for the conservation, protection and communication of environmental values in Andalusia. Among those who won awards this year, the Port Authority of Seville was recognised for its “New wetlands for birds from the improvement of navigation on the Guadalquivir” project, in the category of Conservation, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.

The Port of Seville is the first in Spain to balance the management of the sediments dredged in maintenance work with the creation of a habitat for aquatic bird life, providing them with suitable spaces for resting, mating and settlement of communities for water fowl and other species of interest, with special emphasis on those which are especially endangered. The project is an example of how we can reconcile the economic development of a region with the conservation of its environment, as framed in the emergent philosophy of “Working with Nature”.


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